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Monday, 7 November 2016

UNIOSUN Council Sacks Lecturer Caught On Tape Having S*x With Female Student


The Governing Council of the Osun State University, Osogbo, has terminated the appointment of Dr. Olabode Ojoniyi of the Department of Languages and Linguistics, Ikire Campus, caught on video having an amorous relationship with one of his students, Mercy Ikwue.
Ojoniyi’s s*x act was captured in a video which is believed to have been surreptitiously recorded by the female student.
The female student was said to have been pressurized by Ojoniyi for s*x and she eventually agreed and followed him to their agreed place with a laptop computer from which she pretended to be watching a movie, Things Fall Apart. Unknown to him, Miss Ikwue was actually recording their s*xual activities.
Ojoniyi had accused one of the lecturers of the university, who was recently dismissed for an alleged misconduct as the person behind the drama. According to him, the lady was contracted to blackmail him. But Ojoniyi did not deny being the one in the video.

A professor at the university recently resigned his appointment over the alleged r*pe of a female student in his office.
Some lecturers and students of the university said that the professor knew that he would be sacked if the case was investigated and he hurriedly resigned to prevent the embarrassment which would follow.


Thousands of mostly female university students in Nigeria have faced s*xual harassment from lecturers. Some lecturers have failed students repeatedly until they yielded to their s*xual demands. Students who would not compromise have been harassed out of school.Should s*xual harassment be criminalized by the lawmakers? If and when it becomes a law, would you trust the institutions to protect students who initiate a s*xual harassment charge?

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