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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Facts: All You Need To Know About The Supplementary Admission Form For Admission Seekers


What is supplementary admission?

After the regular merit admissions lists have been announced and published, successful aspirants are expected to pay the required acceptance fee within a specified time.
At the end of the period, the admissions unit, takes stock of the spaces that have not been filled or taken up by paying the required acceptance fee
When the time is right, the University then calls for applications from candidates who have not yet been admitted and who wish to be offered admission. The announcement usually comes with guidelines on how aspirants can apply and the particular courses/departments that are open for applications.

Sometimes the guidelines will include the average scores that may be eligible to apply for each course/department.
From experience, this admission list tends to generate the longest list and largest number of aspirants being granted admission.
The time frame given to receive applications is usually a very small window of time, this makes it imperative that aspirants who may wish to apply need to put their documents together in order to reduce their reaction time to the call for supplementary admission applications.
Its best not to delay when the supplementary forms are released.

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