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Saturday, 26 November 2016

15 Sad Truth About University Degrees In Ghana (Photos)


Although there are many Universities and graduates in the country than before, the information out there about graduates is pretty sad.

Gone are the days when a degree meant you’ve joined the elite train. These days, it is less than even an SHS certificate because you will end up doing the same job as an SHS graduate. Here is some sad information about University degrees that will bring you to tears.

1. Brainwashing

Many graduates don’t get jobs related to the programmes they offered at the university. This creates a chunk of brainwashed graduates in the country. Graduates who offered electrical engineering are now bank tellers or marketers.
surprise-for-real-memeImage: Makeameme

2. Salespeople

More than 40% of degree holders are now retail salespeople in supermarkets.
shopping for clothes

3. Menial Jobs

More than 1/3 of graduates end up taking jobs that don’t even require college degrees. Anything to survive is the order of the day.
Are you serious right now?Photo: Twitter

4. Unemployment

The unemployment rate for graduates under 25 has reached nearly 45%.
sleep fall gifImage: Giphy

5. Armed Robbery

These days, arrested armed robbers even have university degrees. That should tell you how serious the situation is.
Alcohol and Drug factsImages by Black Man With A Gun

6. Graduates Join Terrorists

Due to lack of jobs and corruption, graduates are frustrated to the extent they opt to join terrorist groups than to stay in this harsh condition.

Photo: HumanoSphere.ogPhoto: HumanoSphere.og

7. Expensive Education

Degrees are becoming so expensive you can’t complete without working and studying.
Image: Iyke TrendsImage: Iyke Trends

8. Loans

Graduates are unable to pay back student loans after completion due to lack of jobs out there, leaving most graduates in debt.
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Image: TheSouthernDailyImage: TheSouthernDaily

9. Prostitution

Paying for tuition is so expensive female students have to Pr@.$t!tute themselves in order to pay for their tuition. There are even websites these days to help solve that problem for them where students are linked to sugar daddies.
Gym strugglesImages by Onedio

10. Prices Of Books

Books have become so expensive students are unable to afford and so lecturers make a field day by extracting most of the information in the books and selling it to students as handouts.

11. Scams

Gone are the days when “Sakawa” was exclusive for illiterates, these days, university graduates indulge in it the more. They have become experts.

12. Private Universities

There is an influx of private universities and you might think this would have reduced the exorbitant tuition fees being charged. Unfortunately, they are even worse.
Photo Credit: CitifmOnlinePhoto Credit: CitifmOnline

13. Free Education In Other Countries

While we wallow here in our misery, in other countries such as Germany, university education is almost free.

14. Foreign Tuition Fees Cheaper Than Ghana

It will surprise you to know that some foreign countries in Europe offer cheaper tuition fees than what we pay here in Ghana.

15. Underemployment

There are a lot of degree holders receiving salaries far less than what a degree holder should take. There are degree holders out there who actually receive ¢400 a month as gross salary. That’s the harsh reality.
image: giphy.comimage:

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