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Saturday, 8 October 2016

WAEC Reveals Reasons Why 13 States Results Were Held In 2016 Exams


The West African African Examinations Council(WAEC) has revealed the reasons behind withholding certain results. An official of the council revealed the reason why certain students have to be used as the sacrificial lamb for the negligence of the State Government.
An Officer of the council, in person of Mr. Demianus Ojijeogu, mentioned the main reason when he was interviewed. He refused to mention the names of the the debtor states and said that the total sum of money owed amounts to more than N2bn, with one state owing N500m. With eight of the debtor states were from the north, while three and two states were from the South-South and South-West geo- political zones of the country, respectively.

He had this to say ” They reneged on the agreement we had during registration. We agreed that they should pay 40 per cent of the registration cost and pay the rest later. We used the payment to offset the backlog because some of them have owed us since 2014″.
“We even told them to give us Advance Payment Guaranty from reputable banks, but one of the states brought a document from a branch of a commercial bank, not even from the headquarters of the bank. We were lenient last year and we released the results. But, if you leave it to some of them, they will not pay for five or 10 years. We will not do that this year. That is our leverage and we cannot go bankrupt because of them,’’ he said.

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