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Saturday, 15 October 2016

NYSC Important Notice To All 2016/17 Batch B Members/Printing Of Exemption Letter



1. This is to inform all part-time graduates from nigeria Corps Producing Institutions that their Institutions have uploaded their names on the NYSC Portal. They are to visit effective from Monday 17th October, 2016 to register and print their Exclusion Letters.

2. All 2016 Batch B Prospective Corps Members who had earlier seen their names on the NYSC Portal, but can no longer see it, should not panic, it means their schools are still uploading because of approval given to them to dollars additional records. Once the upload is completed, you will be able to check your names on the NYSC portal.
3. In addition, Prospective corps Members are to note that passport photograph size requirement to be uploaded during the on-line registration must be 2x2 with off-white background colour. Note that if the background does not conform to the standard, you will not be able to complete your on-line registration .

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  1. Thanks for the information. What of those who were previously mobilized for the 2016 Batch A, but could not complete their registration and could not print out the exclusion letter at the time. Can they still print it out now as the current Batch B is being mobilized?

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