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Monday, 19 September 2016

Salem University School Fees Breakdown [Freshers & Undergraduate] And Approved Designated Banks


The Management of Salem University, Lokoja has released the institution school fees breakdown and approved designated banks for all students to make payment to avoid making the wrong payment.
See Break down below:
SALEM UNIVERSITY, LOKOJA. Breakdown of Fees and Designated Account Name, Bank/Number.

New Students Fee Breakdown And Account Number

PurposeAcc. Name/BankAcc. Number                  Amount
Social Sc.                 Sciences
Tuition FeeSalem University/ GTB0019691171N450,000.00        N450,000.00
Acceptance Fee (Non Refundable),Salem University/ GTB0019691171N50,000.00          N  50,000.00
Accommodation FeeSalem University/ GTB0137162577N110,000.00        N110,000.00
ICT Services 40,000, Energy40,000Salem University/ GTB0137162656N80,000.00          N  80,000.00
Caution DepositSalem University/ GTB0137162618N70,000.00          N  70,000.00
Laboratory & Workshop (For Sciences only)Salem University/ GTB0019691171 Not Applicable                   
Health care/Medicals


N775,000.00            N835,000.00

Returning Students Fee Breakdown And Account Number


Acc. Name/Bank
Acc. Number
Social Sc.                 Sciences
Tuition Fee
Salem University/ GTB
N450,000.00       N450,000.00
Accommodation Fee
Salem University/ GTB
N110,000.00       N110,000.00
ICT Services 40,000,Energy 40,000
Salem University/ GTB
N80,000.00          N 80,000.00
Laboratory & Workshop(For Sciences only)
Salem University/ GTB

Not Applicable   N60,000.00

Health care/Medicals
Salem University/ GTB
New Horizon
Salem University/UBA
N30,000.00       N30,000.00
Entrepreneurial studies/skill ((PAYABLE IN 300L 2ND SEMESTER)
Salem University/SKYE Bank

N30,000.00       N30,000.00

715,000                775,000.00


  1. Additional 60,000 would be paid by any student who desires executive accommodation if preferred to the Standard accommodation.

  1. Entrepreneurial studies/skill fee is N30,000.00 (Acc. Name: Salem University, Lokoja, Acc. No. 4090032975, SKYE Bank

Salem University (Global Parents Forum) N20,000.00 Acc. Name: 0148154303 Bank: GTB.                              

  1. (New Horizon) Acc. Name: Salem University, Lokoja  Acc No:1009667425 (UBA)
Other Requirements
Hall of Residence Includes:
  1. Blanket -           1
  2. Bed sheet with Purple and Blue background,             -2
                        Pillow and a pillow case to match 4' x 7'                 
  1. Mosquito Net -           1
  2. Set of Cutlery -           1
  3. Plastic/Metal Buckets -           2
  4. Padlock and key ring -           1
  5. Hangers -           6-12
  6. School Bag -           1
  7. Raincoat or Umbrella -           1
  8. Toiletries
  9. Reading Lamp with 40W bulb or
Fluorescent Tube                                             -           1
  1. Feeding per Semester
  2. Books, Exercise books, Hard cover Adequate money for
Notebooks, Writing materials, etc                    food and books
  1. Suits, Shirts, Ties and Plain Trousers for boys
  2. Skirt Suits, Dress Suits, Shirt blouses,
Trouser Suits, Skirts and Plain Trousers
  1. Decent outfits for Church Services
  2. Sportswears
  3. Bible and Notebooks.
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