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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Reasons Why UNN 2016/17 Merit list Is Not Yet Out — Jamb To Approve It first!


My dear, Patience in moments like these remains a virtue. I just decided to be silent but every moment, the uncountable messages coming into my Facebook & whatsapp from many of you here are all centering on why UNN hasn't uploaded her merit list online. Listen my dear, this is not time to start asking when UNN list would be out, this is time to keep your fingers crossed & remain prayerful in God so that after all these delay, that your name will be on the merit list. The bitter truth is that even if you Cry out your eyes now & UNN release her merit list online & you find out that your name isn't there, my dear, your cry will become double. So please, I'm humbly begging each & every one of us here to exercise little patience with UNN. What matters is HOW FAR & Not HOW LONG! please I'm begging us. 

Another thing so many of you here don't know is that everything is working out for your good. Just relax, keep your ears on ground & watch UNN & God. Surely, soonest, you will have a cause to thank God  Because It Shall All End In Praises Soon.

The pure fact Is that UNN Merit list is already compiled, and the copies sent to the various departments & some departments has even pasted the list On their notice board, The ICT unit is also with their own copy right now but dear, the delay is from JAMB. JAMB is yet to approve the list, & until JAMB approves it, the ICT unit cannot upload the list on UNN Website. But I am optimistic that JAMB will approve it soonest. For instance, JAMB approved & uploaded UNN merit list last year on her portal before UNN did, so that was why many checked on JAMB site last year before UNN ICT uploaded it. So dear, just be patient and keep following our posts here  & UNN website for any breaking news.
Finally, my dear once this merit list comes out & your name isn't there, just relax & use PLAN B because it does not mean you won't gain admission into UNN this year. For instance, there are 96 persons in UNN medsurg list but you will surprised to see more than 120 persons in MEDSURG department at the end of this year UNN admissions. Those added number will come through supplementary lists, so you see dear, if your name isn't on merit list, it can be on any of the supp. lists, everything is admission. So after merit list, if you will go for shopping, make sure u inform us here  so that we can advice u on the right course to shop into, the right subject combination for that & most especially, Any help we will render to anybody on shopping form is free. We dont need your kobo. What we will tell you is never to forget us in life when God blesses u. Also, for those of you that have very very low screening score, who think that they may not gain admission this year, my dear I challenge u, u must enter campus. Just relax till merit list comes out. You will confirm & share your testimony by the time God helps u. So everybody, for now, let's keep waiting for UNN merit list. Never u lose hope dear. Your admission is Sure By His grace, remember It Shall Soon End In Praise.

NOTE: UNN 2016/17 calendar would be amended. Remain sharp for God!!

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