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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

AUN Publishes List Of Students Who Won The 2016/2017 Scholarship Award


AUN offered to award 67 scholarships to new students only for the 2016/2017 academic session.
The scholarships were in 3 categories: National Scholarship for the overall top scorer (1 scholarship), Regional Scholarships for the top 5 scorers in each region (30 scholarships), and State Scholarships for the top scorer in each state (36) scholarships.
Apart from the national scholarship that covered ALL costs of attendance, each scholarship in a category covered 50% of tuition. A candidate could win in up to two categories (50% state and 50% regional) if they were one of the top 5 highest scorers in their region and also the highest scorer in their state for a combined win of 100% coverage on tuition.

A total of 45 students won 64 of the scholarships, while two state scholarships were not awarded because 2 states did not feature a contestant.
The 67 scholarships were awarded as follows:
1 student won the National Scholarship;
20 students who won a regional scholarship each also were the highest scorers in their states and won 20 of the 36 state scholarships offered, making a total of 40 scholarships awarded in this group;
10 students won the remaining 10 Regional Scholarships; and
14 students won 14 of the remaining scholarships in the State Scholarships category.
2 scholarships were not awarded in the state category because two states did not feature a contestant.
The names of the successful candidates are listed on the University website:


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