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Monday, 12 September 2016

AAU VC Issues Letter Of Commendation To Best Secondary School Teachers [See Full List]


The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. I.A. Onimawo has approved that the underlisted Staff of the University Secondary School be issued letters of commendation for the exemplary performances of the students they taught in the Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSCE) in the 2013/2014 and 2014/2015 session.
It is on record that in the said exercise, the performance of the students and the teachers who taught them are as listed below:
1. Mr. Itama Peter O.,
Acting Principal 
Technical Drawing 2013/2013 100% 
2. Mrs. Uhomoibhi Gloria O.,
Principal III 
English Language 2013/2014 90% and above 
3. Mr. Okhuns Christopher E.,
Principal III 
Mathematics 2013/2014 90% and above 
4. Mrs. Enegho Julie O.,
Tutor I 
Christian Religion 2013/2014 90% and above 
5. Mr. Ehiemua Michael E.,
Assistant Lecturer) 
Mathematics 2014/2015 90% and above 
6. Mr. Isabu Maureen O.,
Principal III 
Biology 2014/2015 100% 

7. Mr. Oaikhena Benson O.,
Principal III 
Christian Religion 2014/2015 100% 
8. Mr. Ajayi Vincent A.,
Principal II 
Agricultural Science 2014/2015 100% 
9. Mr. Agbator Sunday E.,
Principal III 
English Language 2014/2015 90% and above 
10. Mrs. Ajuwa Fidelia N.,
Principal II 
Biology 2013/2014 90% and above 
11. Mr. Ilenre Abraham Ehizojie,
Assistant Lecturer 
Geography 2013/2014 100% 
12. Mr. Oye-Okauru Augustine O.,
Senior Tutor 
Agricultural Science 2013/2014 100%
13. Mr. Agaga Benson O.,
Senior Tutor 
Physics 2013/2014 100% 
14. Mrs. Asuelimen Juliet A.,
Principal III 
Chemistry 2013/2014 90% and above 
15. Mr. Ojeabulu Paul I,
Principal III 
Civic Education 2014/2015 100% 

The letters of commendation signed by the Registrar, Sir Chris Adamaigbo stated that the University Management is proud of their dedication to duty. They were urged to continue in this attitude of excellence and that it was expected that the letters of commendation would spur them to greater heights of achievement in the service of the University.
Edward U. Aihevba, FPISM, FNISM, MANUPA
Deputy Registrar, Information/Public Relations Officer

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