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Friday, 19 August 2016

What Next After UNN Primary/Merit Admission List For 2016/17 Is Released


Lol Funny Right?

Blessed moment my blessed Nigerians. As I have always promised us, I shall keep trying my very possible best each year here On MyportalNG helping every Admission seeker, especially UNN aspirants, in every possible way I can till he/she lands in campus. No doubt, by His grace & your co-operation, this I have been doing in terms of information, advice, guidelines, words of encouragement so that you don't give up, etc. Believe Me.. this time around, God will help many of you here who may not gain admission through the merit list to get it through any of the supplementary admission lists. Though Unfortunately, some people are really ungrateful in nature. Some of you are members of some other UNN facebook/whatsapp groups where some people have been saying all manner of rubbish about MyportalNG , but I have a great news for such persons, Please help me tell any of such people if you come across their malicious posts or comments, that We, MyportalNG said that they are making Us more popular. Yes! So let them go ahead and say more about us. A clear conscience fears no accusation. So the fact remains that instead of our Good deeds towards mankind to kill us, it will surely kill the person we did or we are doing such good for.



Now, As you all here are aware, UNN 2016/17 Admissions will begin soonest with UNN primary/Merit admission list that would be officially released in few weeks time. So like I have been telling us, This is time to get back to God in prayer. Not just prayers, but prayers backed up with Faith. The truth about Admissions in this country these days remains that many aspirants will be admitted on merit, many through supplementary lists, many through "REAL" connection, & many through Grace of God. If you exclude the names of people that would be admitted on this forthcoming UNN merit list, The bitter truth is that the other persons to be admitted would be on what is called ",supplementary admission lists"..So, after the merit list, supp. list follows next. Now, in Every admission year, UNN itself normally release at least, up to (4) admission lists apart from merit list. Last year precisely, UNN released the following lists.

1. Primary/Merit list

2. 1st supp list

3. 2nd Supp list

4. 3rd Supp list and finally, what they called

5. ADDENDUM list.

The truth is this. The more the admission lists, the less the number of people to be admitted. Also, in UNN, 70% of those that are admitted usually come in through supplementary lists while the other 30% were admitted on merit. The reason for this is crystal & undebatable. That is, many of those that will miss merit list can use ways like REAL connections, Help from staffs, shopping form, grace of God etc, to enter school because none of this happens is 100% workable in merit list. Its purely merit.


As you await your admission, just keep reminding God to pick up your call this time. Let Him see you through into UNN whether through merit list or supplementary lists. I know that before this year's admission ends, you will personally share your testimony with me. Don't ever ever give up because. It Shall All End In Praises If you believe And Say Amen!

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