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Friday, 19 August 2016

UNN Merit/Primary Admission List May Be Released Before 29th August 2016/17


In the first place, my humble greetings my sweet ladies & my Handsome gentlemen, I'm sorry I have not been around to communicate with us for almost a week now. Biko I'm sorry, I have been seriously sick but I thank God because I'm getting back to my feet once more.

Back to my above heading! Yes, You should not be surprised if UNN releases her first 2016/17 Admission list before 29th of August, that's if those in charge of this could be more fast. So if you check it now, I think that's approximately 2 weeks from now. I am saying this now because a close & reliable staff in the admissions Unit relayed this to me as he called to inquire of my health earlier this afternoon. For those of you who are good in doubting, let me equally inform you that he is also one of the members of the Admission List compilation Committee for this year, so you can believe or disbelief this info, it can never change the fact. 


On the other hand, I shall try to find out the number of people to be admitted per department in this forthcoming merit list. As it stands now, they are done with 6 departments for now. 2 of these 6 departments are of UNEC campus while the other 4 are of Nsukka campus. I would have gone ahead to mention the said departments here but I won't. My reason is because there may be further changes on the names of those shortlisted for this said 6 departments. So, having let us know the latest as regards the ongoing, I will still repeat what I have been telling hundreds of you here on MyPortalNG, which is, "my dear relax, remain prayerful, have faith & watch God surprise u On this forthcoming merit list. Never dare you lose hope of admission just because of what some people are saying of your JAMB score or UNN screening score. The truth remains that If God has marked this year as your year of Admission, you MUST surely gain admission into UNN, if not through this forthcoming merit list, then through any of the Admission lists or even through CONNECTION, or even by GOD's grace. If not that your dream course, then u get a related course (which U can change after year 1). Whether low JAMB/screening score or High one. So you see dear, there are many ways God can surprise u this time. So start getting your luggage ready. NO TIME TO WAIT! It Shall Soon End In Praise!‬


My dear, the truth is that few departments have set their merit/state cut off marks but its not OFFICIAL yet. 
That was Why Myportalng had To Come up With UNN 2016/17 Merit Admission Likely Cuttoff Mark points For All Courses.
Only the HODs & other principal members of such departments only know the Official Cutoff Marks for now, & still reserves the right to make it official or not. For now, stop believing those rubbish all in the name of UNN cut off marks that are being pasted everywhere on Facebook & whatsapp. They are fake & misleading. Some of them are even last year's UNN merit cut off. As for this year own, we shall try our best to inform you of them once it becomes official.

Finally, UNN portal for UPLOADING of WAEC result is still open. NECO result will be out soon. Okay, that's much I have for us for now. Just relax, youu will not miss any info about UNN and Other Schools if you Always Visit ! untill your legs touches UNN/UNEC or Your School campus in few soonest. Remain super for me. (Tojesus)

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